Cloud Architecture

ISA-95, a software architecture standard from the 1990ties is used for most conventional serialization IT-architectures. System functionalities are assigned to various levels, numbered from 1 to 4. As consequence, most conventional serialization landscapes are a combination of several software packages from various suppliers which are linked together through interfaces. All these individual systems have an own master data repository with different data structures which require manual data synchronization; therefore, data integrity is an issue.

Due to its cloud based, monolithic design the Hicof solution integrates all functionalities over all ISA 95 levels required for serialization into one single software. The following benefits are the consequence:

  • Hicof AMACENA is the single source of truth for all serialization data as only one single master data repository for all levels is used.
  • The solution avoids data integrity issues by storing redundant master data on several independent L2 to L4 repositories.
  • High system transparency and low error rates.
  • No software validation required as the cloud software is validated by Hicof.
  • Hicof AMACENA has a transparent structure, making it easy to use. No experts are needed for the system operation.
  • High flexibility as Hicof AMACENA is developed based on open web technology frameworks as e.g. Java, PHP, Linux and others. No proprietary technologies are used which rise cost and create unwanted dependencies.