Label Artwork Management

Hicof AMACENA has a web-based label creator which allows the central generation and modification of label artworks on Level 3 which are stored as master data centrally. Therefore, no artwork data are permanently stored on packaging/ aggregation lines. Instead, the latest version of the artwork data is downloaded as part of the packaging/ coding order data set. The benefit of this rationale is as follows:

  • The artwork can be used for any coding line in the company, regardless of its geographical location as no locally stored, resident printing or camera data are needed
  • The centrally generated artwork is simultaneously used for both, the printer and the camera. No separate settings are needed. This feature saves time and improves quality
  • Label artworks are linked to an individual product. If it is discontinued/ pruned, the related artwork is automatically deactivated (deleted).
  • A full line clearance covering folding boxes and data can be made after end of a batch.