Hicof Cypto Code performance

For serialization, the Russian Federation mandate the application of a Data Matrix Barcode which includes the so-called Crypto code, a sequence of 88 numeric characters. Printing such a Barcode which is 36 x 36 modules big is demanding. The most commonly used printers on coding lines are devices based on the HP printing cartridges which have a printing width of 1/2 “ (12.7mm). For larger images these HP cartridges can be stacked to 1” width, however seamless stitching the images from two cartridges is demanding. Additionally, on pharmaceutical packs the available space is most of the time limited, so the ½” code will be used in first priority (see image). Hicof printed test codes with a single cartridge head on an AMACODER line and got positive results. Under condition of a correct machine setting sustainable results of Grade A according ISO 15415 have been achieved. The base for this surprising result is the high coding quality of the AMACODER due to its slow printing speed and precise guiding of the box.

Grading Report Crypto Code