Software Platform

Our software can be deployed on an on-premise server or in form of a cloud-based solution. As most customers prefer subscribing (“Software as a Service”) AMACENA hosted on our cloud, we focus on this option in the description below.

The Hicof cloud is normally deployed as full private cloud where no resources are split in between various Hicof customers. Therefore, Hicof operates for each customer a separate infrastructure, without sharing databases or other services between the customers. This high-end solution eliminates the risk of data loss or confidentiality breaches between customers.  The Hicof customer does not need any additional local on-site IT servers nor personnel to operate such infrastructures

The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) of the data center in which Hicof host its cloud physically is located in Switzerland. The specifications of this data center are as follows:

  • All data are stored exclusively on Swiss territory and are therefore protected by Swiss data protection laws
  • Geographical redundancy within Switzerland is possible (Optional)
  • The complete virtual environment allows quick and simple scaling of the architecture
  • Redundant data access via multiple Internet connections or directly vial MPLS[1] (dark fiber) is possible (Optional)
  • Certificates:
  • ISO 9001 (Management System)
  • ISO 27001 (IT Security)
  • ISO 14001 (Eco)
  • ISO 20000 (IT Service Mgt.)

[1] Multiprotocol Label Switching (dedicated direct link to the datacenter without using public Internet)