The Hicof AMACODER is a revolutionary serialization machine with tamper evident label applicators, based on an intermittent box transport mechanism. The line, made with Swiss craftsmanship is only 1.08 m long, providing high quality output and low reject rates.


Automatic cartoner lines operate either intermittent (indexed) or continuous. Continuous lines are capable of very high box throughput but are expensive and large. On the other hand, intermittent running cartoner machines are compact, cost effective but usually limited to a speed of 150 packs/min what is sufficient for most applications. As next process step, a legally mandated serialization code is inline printed and for European markets a tamper evident label is applied on the product package.

Hicof is the first and only company, offering coding/ labeling lines which work intermittently. The unique, patent applied concept of the Hicof AMACODER is the use of pushers for transporting the boxes through the machine. Therefore, no conventional conveyor is used.

It works as follows: Boxes, coming from an upstream machine e.g. a cartoner or checkweigher, are transported by a conveyor to the infeed plate of the Amacoder. A feeding pusher from the side shifts incoming boxes laterally onto the transport slide, in front of a second pusher which shifts the boxes through the Amacoder. After a stroke of the pusher, it retracts to its initial position, leaving room for new boxes, introduced from the side. This cycle is repeated permanently, resulting in an indexed, highly controlled movement of the stack of boxes through the machine.

The AMACODER-TE is a proven machine with a wide range of options available. Reaching from checkweigher integration to various in-feed and out-feeding options.



The Amacoder delivers a very high coding quality as shown in the image below.

The reason for this high coding quality is as follows:

  • As the boxes are touching each other, the transport speed of the boxes is much lower than with conventional conveyor machines where a space between boxes is required
  • Very controlled movement of the boxes as they are guided from all sides during the flow through the machine
  • The servo controlled pusher is extremely precise in reproducing positions, speed and acceleration
  • A long distance between the print heads and the camera ensure complete drying of the ink, a prerequisite for correct barcode grading by the inspection camera


The AMACODER-TE75 is the most versatile model offering highest flexibility for Box sizes ranging from 55 to 300mm. Thereby the AMACODER TE 75 is offering the shortest overall footprint of all AMACODER models. This makes the AMACODER-TE75 the ideal machine for manual packaging operations.

The AMACODER-TE150 is the ideal machine to integrate into automatic packaging lines. Offering economic design with fast changeover times. The AMACODER-TE150 is ideally combined with the AMAPACKER-S150 to offer seamless serialization with aggregation.

The AMACODER-TE300 marks the top of the line AMACODER Model which offers superior speed and product control even for critical applications. 


Hicof Amacena features a build-in web based label creator to create and adjust all print layouts for AMACODERS, and all connected tertiary label printers. The label creator allows GMP compliant cange control of all label parameters across the enterprise. 


Hicof AMACENA is a uniform system covering all serialization related topics in the enterprise. The solution works as monoblock which allows the customer to use the same user interfaces accross AMACENA. This reduces efforts in training and operations.







Hicof Amacena allows to integrate the solution with inhouse IT, external partners and governmental systems. The solution features an easy to use interface engine to quickly set new connections.


Hicof can support critical business processes to the highest standards using modern technologies as VPN to support the customer very fast around the globe.


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